Teaching entails hard work commitment from people who have the passion to cultivate young minds. It requires grit in molding them into someone they dreamt of or something great in the future. Truly, it demands time, hard work, and passion. There will be sleepless nights, skipped meals, sweats, and sacrifices. But there is one common question by all. Can a salary pay all of them? Teaching is a choice, and I chose it. Well, I guess the reasons why teachers stay to educate will always boil down to the principle of teachers. It can also be based on the personality of a teacher where their advocacy to train learners, promises to someone like parents or relatives, and personal goal for development or self-improvement are the roots. No matter what the reason of the teachers is, they cannot go away from the fact that teaching is for the development of the students. Hence, preparing them for the big stage play of their life.

          Progressive educational philosophy has deep roots. In the article written by Kennedy (2019) stating that even progressive education is used in this generation it was in fact reflected in the works of an American philosopher and educator who started the progressive education movement with his influential writings, John Dewey (Oct. 20, 1859–June 1, 1952). Based from Dewey’s work, he argued that teaching should not simply require producing students who learn mindless knowledge that they would be soon unable to remember. Hence, education should not solely base on rote memorization. There should be an activity where involvement of the learners is included. With this, they can easily recall the learned facts through memoirs and recollecting the concepts from their experiences.

However, this opposes the idea of an essentialist educational philosophy advocate. According to William Bagley (as cited in Lynch, 2016) essentialist education was not intended to revolutionize society but to conserve it. Thus, he intends to say that basic knowledge which is essential for the learner should be passed down to the next generation. This will also conclude that teachers should have the full grasp of the knowledge which is being taught or else it will alter the supposed to be learned facts and skills. It is very crucial for today’s learners to be implanted with information which may seem to be old that may also turn out to be boring for them. It is good that teachers will educate learners basic skills but considering that there will be an increase development of the intellectual capacity of the students most especially they are so much exposed to technology or abrasive environment, basic skills and knowledge will not be enough. Therefore, still progressive education is needed to respond to the changing society. So, if I will give my students a computer to manipulate on, then there will be a higher chance that they will not get bored. Thus, giving them more time to enjoy and at the same time to learn so they will love learning.

Moreover, essential education focuses also on lectures and assessments where learners are expected to take down notes and be prepared for quizzes or worksheets (Lynch, 2016). Hence, it would be hard for the students to live with this kind of learning since they will just sit and listen from the teacher who is the dispenser of knowledge. Which means, other intelligence of the learners cannot be tapped. Yet, it is better to consider the feelings, beliefs, and interests of a learner in order to achieve satisfaction and life-long learning.

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