Most of our Earth is made out of water

Not just the seas, but also the sky that contains water vapor

But do you know the cycle that waters after?

The cycle that makes them roam the Earth over and over

This is called Hydrological Cycle

And when followed, it can be viewed as a circle

It starts off by liquid evaporation

That ends up with a new element creation

The element made is gas

Don’t worry, this step is easy to surpass

All that’s happening is condensation

That forms these gases into the wall known cloud formation

But then it comes back to its liquid origination

Because rain, is now its new only option

We call this process precipitation

And it rains that make up our ocean

So now we find ourselves back at the start

Waiting for water, to again break apart

To break apart in molecules, as it turns into gas

And remember, this cycle is all water has

Created by Baughn

Published by irene06gorgeous

Never underestimate broke people. It makes you vulnerable in the future.

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